Fig + Flora Apothecary Monthly Box

Fig + Flora Apothecary Monthly Box

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Order by May 12th to get the Immunity Support Box

*Sneak Peak*

For May, our box will feature the magical medicinal powers of echinacea.

Discovered by the Great Plains Indian tribes, Echinacea has been used as an effective herbal remedy for over 400 years. The flowers, leaves and roots are used to make various concoctions, with the roots containing high concentrations of volatile oils, whilst the flowers and leaves are rich in polysaccharides – powerful plant compounds that are known to trigger immune response. This amazing medicinal herb is a requirement for any herbal healers toolkit, so please join us as we explore this herb and learn, grow, heal... like Mother Nature intended.

    Learn herbalism and grow your home apothecary!

    Grow your medicinal garden and build your home apothecary with new herbs, seeds, and DIY projects delivered monthly. 

    The Fig + Flora Apothecary Monthly is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a deeper relationship with plants. Each delivery brings new herbs, information, recipes and medicine-making DIY projects, as well as a pamphlet guide, seeds and some bonus Fig + Flora goodies.

    Each month we focus on a different wellness topic and herb. Every box is hand-curated with herbs, projects, and seeds by our certified herbalist and founder to help you grow your home apothecary.



    Our FIG + FLORA APOTHECARY MONTHLY boxes are overflowing with botanical goodness! 

    Each month, you receive: 

    • 3 different dried herbs, based on a monthly theme
    • An informative guide with recipes written by Debra our certified herbalist
    • Recipe for a home DIY herbal project
    • Monthly themed herbal tea
    • 2 packets of medicinal seeds to plant in your garden
    • 1 or 2 BONUS surprise Fig + Flora products

    You will learn

    • Herbal vocabulary and key concepts
    • A variety of medicine-making methods
    • Anatomy and physiology of important bodily systems
    • Growing and harvesting herbs 
    • Herbal history
    • How to create your own botanical goodies 


    • Makes the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life!
    • Generous portions of dried herbs and projects based on our monthly health theme
    • Seeds to grow your own garden
    • Delicious teas, and bonus Fig + Flora Apothecary goodies!

    Over the course of our 12-month, you'll learn how to support your body, and how to use herbs responsibly. Spaces are limited, so reserve your box today!