Hormone Balance Gift Set

Hormone Balance Gift Set

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Help keep your hormones balanced naturally with our hormone balancing gift set. Our bath salts and roll-on contains 100% pure essential oils such as rose, clary sage and rosemary to help with symptoms of hormonal imbalance. 


Hibiscus + Rose Bath Salts

Hand blended, with the highest quality ingredients including Magnesium flakes, pink Himalayan salts and organic botanicals & essential oils.

A natural blend of botanicals, essential oils & sea salts for soothing hormones, relaxing the body and purifying your skin.

With your hormones balanced, you will also benefit from relieving hormone-related complications such as stress, mood swings, overeating, and depression.


Hormone Support Roll On

Our Hormone Support roll on blend combines plant-based ingredients known to improve hormonal imbalances and fight the symptoms of hormonal disorders, including chronic fatigue. Its calming blend of peppermint and lavender helps alleviate stress and headaches, while rosemary and clary sage balance estrogen levels, relaxes the nervous system, calms PMS cramps and mood swings.